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Great Summer Day

I remember it like it was yesterday. In June, I got to go camping with my best friend and some other girls from my college class. We had fires, made ice cream from scratch, went hiking and learned outside skills, and went kayaking around the lake. The last day of our trip was going to be special though. A special day with a special meal at the end, but it took a lot of planning and work to make it happen. But we did not mind, and the end result was amazing!




We woke up hours before sunrise to start preparing for our activities. Afterwards, we cooked dinner the old fashioned way, slow roast filet mignons in the ground in a cast iron pan with rocks heated by the fire we built. Red potatoes were cooked in a pan that was placed on top of the steak pan. You might be asking yourself why we were eating filet mignons. Well, we all realized we loved a good steak before we made the trip, so we thought ‘why not?’. Usually you see men eating a lot of steak, but we all loved it too, and we always ordered one when we went out to eat.


Wildflowers On Bank


After preparing in the morning, we packed the cars and strapped the kayaks to the vehicles. We went to the river and once we got the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS kayaks in the water and our life vests were on, we were on our way. We kayaked 15 miles that day. Even though we were going pretty far, the day was full of laughter and innocence. We learned how to pack and unpack the kayaks, how to re-flip our kayaks after flipping, went swimming in the river next to wild flowers growing on the banks, saw two barn owls sleeping in a tree next to the river, and a doe and her faun grazing in a clearing of the forest off in the distance. It couldn`t have been a more magical day.


Cast Iron Steak Pan


On the way back to the camp, we decided which girls were going to do what when we got back. Two girls were going to finish the homemade ice cream that we were going to have for desert that night. The other girls were to completely set the table with plates, drinks, and all the food that would be coming shortly. We all helped put in the steak and sides on to cook, and while we waited, we had some drinks and laughed as we talked about almost everything.

When the food was done, we started with a fresh spring salad made of spinach, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, ceasar croutons, and parmesan cheese. The sides were sweet corn on the cob with butter, three cheese mac and cheese, and last, but not least, the filet mignons. It was cooked medium rare, with that slight hint of pink in the center and that melt in your mouth texture. The Italian seasoning and garlic brought our taste buds to life. The night ended in full bellies and big smiles.